James Wood Creative

Hi, I'm James, a designer in Sydney, Australia. I like to make things.

What can I do for you?


Tell the world who you are and what you do — but more importantly, show them who you are. Your website design should demonstrate your values, whilst being simple to navigate and easy to use.

Do you need help adding something large or small to your website, tweaking your Instagram store, or adjusting your Facebook page? I can help there, too.


Get your business online and accepting orders, fast. I can get you up and running extremely quickly and easily, with a minimum of fuss. I use and recommend a range of turnkey ecommerce platforms and will work with you to determine which one will be the best fit for your business, both today and into the future.

It's easier than ever to move your business online, and I can help you do it today.

Logos and Branding

Your branding is the clothing you put on your company before sending it out into the world. Your logo should be clear and memorable, and should summarise and represent the best and most important aspects of your company in one simple design.


I should probably have saved the "clothing" analogy for this section. The logo is the clothing your brand wears but your packaging is the clothing your actual products wear. I think that works. The logo goes on the packaging, so naturally your products' clothes are wearing your brand's clothes? It's very complicated. Good packaging leads to a great customer experience, so let's make it amazing!


Letterhead, business cards, envelopes, with-comps slips — printed things are still a thing! I mean, sure, a business card might only need to contain a logo and a twitter handle, but it's still nice to hand someone an object sometimes. I'm not sure whether or not these are clothing, they are more like... accessories? Your business card is your fancy belt. Mostly you don't need one but it's embarrassing if everyone else has theirs and you're like "I don't have one, sorry." But with business cards instead of belts. What sort of meeting even is this?

Annual reports

Tell and show your stakeholders what you've been up to all year with a custom-designed and printed Annual Report. A physical object will always have more gravitas than a PDF. "Here you go" *always* beats "see attached".

Form Design

Forms are the area of graphic design that keeps the world turning. Forms might not be the most glamorous or exciting things to deal with, but a well-designed form can reduce user confusion and frustration, and can even be pleasurable to work with! Ok, maybe that's a reach... but, save enough people a little bit of time each, and soon enough it adds up to a lifetime.

Web collateral

Go beyond your own website and onto the internet at large. Online advertisements and placements have infinite specification requirements and they can be daunting to deal with. I can help because I personally speak fluent Internet. Be not daunted.

Email marketing

Email marketing — done right — can be just perfect. With the right information and a list of subscribers to stand on, you can move the world! Because your subscribers have all opted-in to your database, you can be pretty sure you have an interested audience. Treat them to a beautiful custom template design, instead of the usual off-the-rack designs that most email platforms provide. And the chances are good that we can use your existing email marketing platform in new and more engaging ways. And if you don't have one, I can help you select and set one up.


Magazine-style brochures are a brilliant way to brag about your product or service. For theatrical-type programmes they can't be beaten! The satisfaction of the thick, glossy paper, the attention to detail in the design – and just the weight of the thing – all combine to make an interested reader a potential customer. Long or short runs, I can work with your print supplier or hook you up with a great one!

You can also see some more of my work over in my portfolio