TurboXS Racing Equipment Packaging

Logo treatment and packaging design for TurboXS.

The packaging for the Australian market (above) was larger than that for the US market, in order to have more shelf presence where shipping costs were not such an issue.

The “shelf” insert was designed differently for each product; some larger items did not use a shelf at all. Just the box and lid (above).

The product is made in Australia and shipped globally. For the US market (the major destination), a smaller box was used. As most US orders were made online, shelf presence was not such a priority.

The previous box was plain black, occasionally placed into a black cardboard sleeve. The product was completely hidden.

The packaging was designed to use cardboard inserts to both protect and present the product. The previous-generation of packaging used non-environmentally-friendly styrofoam inserts, which completely blocked the window.

This packaging used a single piece of cardboard to hold the oddly-shaped item. Different designs were used for different products.

I designed one of these for each item shipped in this box, to minimise the number of box styles required, simplifying inventory for the company, and allowing them to consider adding different packaging styles for different markets.